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Enhancing Performance in Challenging Environments


Most Experienced Problem Solvers in the World

In today’s turbulent and evolving security and risk management environments, KGI brings strategic perspective and innovative operational and technological solutions to enhance your performance in these increasingly challenging conditions. Our staff is comprised of elite Army and Navy Special Operations unit leaders who bring decades of experience operating globally in complex and volatile situations. Leveraging our security and national defense experience previously used in solving global threats, KGI approaches your project as unique, in full compliance and transparency, to provide focused risk advisory consultation, independent due diligence through operations evaluations, and tailored training and mentorship programs.


The KGI team has thrived and succeeded in solving global security problems. We are consistently on the front line of security challenges, working for you, to support your most critical needs, both in the office and in the field.


Risk Advisory

The elimination of vulnerability is dependent on uncovering actual threats to key assets, operations and people. We design plans to secure your business and reduce the impact of uncertainty on operations. We coach security management teams to perform at significantly higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness, and to motivate their people to do the same.

Asset Due Diligence

To protect your investment, we deploy teams on the ground to assess the operations and people impacting your assets. Our focus is on core operational components: supply chain, key relationships, physical assets, critical vulnerabilities, etc. Sectors include but are not limited to: energy, metals & mining, logistics and transportation at sea, in the air, and on the ground.


We offer highly advanced world class security, military, and police training from some of the world’s most experienced instructors. All of our courses are tailor-made to meet the exact requirements and needs of our customers. Courses can either be conducted at training facilities in the U.S. or at training facilities world-wide.


We bolster your security related critical infrastructure and resilience efforts by conducting detailed risk assessments, followed by tailored recommendations of security plans that are designed to protect your business, and reduce the impact of uncertainty on operations. KGI’s independent yet committed perspective to your security operations will aid in achieving your duty-of-care legal responsibilities. We will enhance your overall security apparatus, enabling security management to perform at significantly higher levels, while motivating their teams to achieve operational excellence.


To protect your investment, we deploy teams globally to conduct Independent Verification and Validation of operations and people that impact your assets. Our focus is on core business operations: supply chain, key relationships, physical assets, and critical vulnerabilities. KGI will develop detailed recommendations and aid in implementing safe, secure, yet practical asset protection and risk prevention strategies to improve your organization and your security team’s effectiveness.


To attain your training and preparedness standards, KGI delivers tailored courses created by the world’s most experienced security and operational instructors and coaches who’ve prepared elite security professionals, militaries, and police forces; improving individual and unit operational capacity and capabilities. We believe leadership and capacity building are paramount to your organization’s readiness; our individual and train-the-trainer programs will prepare your team to transfer their newly learned skills and knowledge throughout your enterprise.