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Enhancing performance in challenging environments


WE are

Founded by two former commanders of the nation’s premier Army and Navy counterterrorism units, the Karakoram Group International (KGI) team is comprised of former leaders from these Special Operations Units with decades of experience operating in volatile environments. Bringing unrivaled awareness and instincts to complex problem solving, we help Fortune 500 companies conduct business operations globally.

KGI is a precision focused, global consultancy firm, providing strategic solutions for highly complex situations. We identify unique and emerging threats, helping clients better prepare and respond to a myriad of critical challenges to business processes. KGI is here to assist your business in challenging locations, approaching each task with a “no-fail” effort.

Most experienced problem solvers in the world


meet the founder


Scott Moore

KGI Founder, CEO, former US Navy SEAL Rear Admiral with over 30 years in Naval Special Warfare conducting operations throughout the Middle-East, Asia, Africa, and Europe. He’s led a 1,500-person Joint Task Force in Afghanistan conducting over 2,000 combat missions against terrorist leaders, as well as implemented complex security programs to bring regional stability and safety to governments, businesses, and local populations.

Rear Admiral Moore served as Director of Counterterrorism on National Security Staff, at the White House, directly briefing the President of the United States as well as advising the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on counterterrorism operations. He also served as the Deputy Commander for Operations in Pakistan, coordinating NATO operations with Pakistani military leaders.

Advisory Services

Response & Recovery

Training & Solutions


We serve as the trusted partner to our clients, supporting a range of advisory services and business requirements. For the ordinary, use the usual. For reality, use KGI.

KGI Team members are comprised of former leaders from the most elite and most experienced Army and Navy Special Operations National Mission force, US Government Agencies, and Special Tactics Federal Law Enforcement leaders. Our Team has prepared for and implemented high priority efforts around the world; effectively and efficiently delivering on mission success while ensuring every organization – and every individual - is well prepared for any contingency. 
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