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Crisis | Emergency

Crisis &

Emergency Response

KGI recognizes that every crisis and emergency is dynamic and evolving, each providing unique challenges that require speed, agility, and expertise to manage and implement response measures effectively. Regardless of the environment, emergency, or requirement, we help strengthen and support your critical response efforts, enhancing your coordination and operations planning and processes.




  • Emergency Operations Center Supervision

  • Emergency Support Functions assistance

  • Emergency Operations Center  staff augmentation

  • Medical and logistics staffing support

  • Critical infrastructure security

  • Personal asset protection

  • Facilities management

  • Supply chain planning and staffing

  • Technical and communications assistance

  • Procurement and supplies coordination




Crisis &

Emergency recovery

KGI understands that your organization has unique requirements when conducting recovery operations post-crisis. Your established business continuity plans create a firm basis from which to effectively operate until a catastrophic crisis occurs. Following the immediate response to these emergencies, KGI strengthens your critical recovery efforts by helping you navigate the situation through evaluating and augmenting your operational efforts, helping you reach your desired output and business objectives.

  • Provide strategic and project management

  • Enhance operational coordination

  • Supervise continuity plans in the field

  • Safeguard employees and resources

  • Augment staff where required

  • Manage and secure remote site incidents

  • Support supply chain and logistics requirements

  • Liaise with official agencies in the locality

  • Develop new business and employment opportunities

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