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Our KGI Team ensures every client is well prepared for any contingency at both the organizational and individual levels. We provide broad to precise programs that are tailored to your needs, delivering a personalized curriculum and allowing your organization to effectively prepare your team for inevitable crises and emergencies. 




  • Best-in-class Duty of Care programs

  • pre-deployment risk mitigation training

  • Improved security via on-site coaching and mentoring of guard forces

  • Operations Center command and control training 

  • Medical preparedness training (TECC)

  • Emergency action and threat response training

  • Leadership development and mentoring





We are your dedicated advisor; assisting your organization in developing and implementing relevant and applicable Safety and Security training events. KGI’s focus on your intent allows your organization to implement best-in-class Duty of Care programs, effectively preparing your team – and your organization – for inevitable crises and emergencies. KGI delivers proficiency and solutions to create a world-class situational readiness and security awareness culture. 


  • Advanced Special tactics Training

  • Adversarial defeat based cyber techniques

  • High Threat and active shooter training

  • Hostile environment awareness training (HEAT)

  • Enhanced situational awareness techniques

  • advanced executive protection

  • leadership development and mentoring

  • customized and tailored solutions 


KGI provides world-class, tailored medical training solutions to discerning clients. Our training team is comprised of former senior medics from elite Special Operations units who bring with them decades of experience operating in volatile environments; all trained and certified in the latest tactics, techniques, and procedures of advanced casualty care, from emergency scene management to casualty triage, life-saving aid, and evacuations; always staying ahead of the evolving medical landscape. 




  • Care under fire

  • Tactical field care 

  • Massive hemorrhage

  • Fluid Resuscitation

  • Hypothermia Prevention

  • Penetrating eye trauma

  • Burns & Fractures

  • Communication & Evacuation Priorities

  • Convoy attack and IED scenarios

  • Tactical Evacuation 





KGI believes that if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. All top tier organizations must properly prepare for all contingencies, inclusive of the training and emergency action planning required to be properly prepared when exposed to high threat locations. KGI can provide from broad to precise programs that are tailored to your needs, delivering a personalized curriculum that attains your goals and objectives while taking care of your employees, specifically those that operate in dangerous environments and situations. 

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